You sell insurance every day…you’ll sell your agency only once.

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Merger and Acquisition Consulting For Insurance Agencies

When it comes to selling your agency you want to know you’re achieving maximum value. And, while there are many brokers and consultants who can offer advice on business transactions in general, only HE Candage can offer you expert assistance in the specifics of insurance business transactions.

HE Candage is uniquely placed to help you whether you are buying or selling your agency.

We will

  • bring together appropriate parties
  • work with attorneys and accountants to negotiate the best terms for you
  • make sure all parties understand those details that are unique to the insurance industry
  • provide expert counsel throughout the transaction
  • protect you throughout the transaction, ensuring that you achieve the right outcome at the right price
  • calculate the true value of your agency by examining multiples of EBITDA, EBIT, and Revenue
  • maximize the sale terms for your benefit
  • examine the tax implications of an asset- versus stock-purchase
  • negotiate the closing
  • listen to you so we can help you to achieve your wishes

“I want to thank you for the professional guidance you have provided for me in the process of assuming ownership of my Insurance Agency. I would highly recommend your services and expertise to anyone in the Insurance Industry.”


“Thank you for assisting in the negotiation of the sale of (my business). You have professionally brought together parties from several states with many different agendas. Through this effort, the purchase price has greatly increased. Without your attention to every detail and negotiating skills, this would have never occurred. Thank you!”