80% of all agencies have no formal written business plan...

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Management Consulting Services For Insurance Agencies

…but all top-performing insurance agencies have one.

Taking time out of your hectic schedule to create a business plan can be tough, but with HE Candage on board you can have a top-quality business plan that will work for you and your staff.

We offer services for both business planning and team-building:

  • Business planning
  • Technical training
  • Business continuation planning
  • Sales and service training
  • Strategic consulting
  • Best practice training

With a well-executed strategic plan in place and a team that understands how to achieve it, your agency will run smoothly, be in the best position to grow, and realize the highest possible profits.

“Howard's knowledge of the American agency system, marketing and underwriting are part of the overall package he brings to any situation. I found his interpersonal skills superior, his integrity impeccable and his work habits admirable. Lastly, his loyalty and dedication to success round out what I consider a great insurance professional.”


“The single best decision we made was hiring you as our consultant. Your expertise, extensive experience and contacts paved the way for our success.”