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CGL Discontinued Operations

If you discontinue the purchase of General Liability Policies due to retirement or going out of business, among other reasons, be cautious if the insured still has products in the marketplace.    Canceling the General Liability will terminate coverage for occurrences that happen in the future due to your insured’s products.

At termination you need to have your client purchase discontinued operations coverage.   The coverage is no longer even in the ISO manual, and I think I must be one of the few who still remembers how it was rated.   Insurance Agents…  Plug this potential E & O Gap by offering the coverage and documenting the offer in your insurance file!


Can you find the “Fear” in your organization?

Fear in organizations ruins strategic initiatives.    Self interest and fear run together.   I am not talking about people literally quaking in their boots, I am talking about people being afraid that YOUR strategic initiatives will undermine their position or their power. Fear is a drastic impediment to teamwork!  Fear is a terrible impediment to  living our lives fully.

Seek out the fear in your organization. Communicate at all levels openly. Make communication the norm and accept it without judgment.   Fear destroys initiative.  FOLLOW the FEAR you’ll FIND the problem. What are the FEARS in your organization? Can YOU really find out?

In our strategic planning sessions, we find fears and make them advantages!

Your people will not tell you their fears unless they feel safe.   Be an effective leader and learn to listen.