“We have buyers willing to pay a premium for your agency.
Let us handle the sale and maximize the purchase price!”

In the purchase of insurance agencies, there are many interested buyers.

“If you have an interest in selling, we know where the interested buyers are, and can work with you to secure the best price.”

Right now we’re looking for the following types of agencies:

  • Property & Casualty Agency—New England—under $500,000 in commission income
  • Property & Casualty Agency that also has a benefits division
  • Benefits only agency
  • Property & Casualty and/or Benefits Agency—New York/New Jersey
Who are we, and how can we help?

We are consultants who create strategic opportunities for people to meet their goals. I specialize in enhancing agency value and helping people realize their goals.

So often, agency owners ask me similar questions:

  • How can I sell more?
  • How can I make more money?
  • How can I cut expenses?
  • How do I hire a producer?
  • Why should I use a consultant?

I can answer those questions and more! I’d be happy to work with you to advance your agency to a better place. Whether bringing our expertise to help you sell your agency or help you purchase another agency, we can help in a unique way.

Drop me an e-mail, or give me a call on my private line and let’s talk.

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